"Whatever your disability, whether you know how to sail
or not, you will end up smiling!"

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Roy Townsend has been sailing with Chesil Sailability all season, having come to our launch at WPNSA in March. Speaking after our last session of the summer, he had this to say about it all... "Being disabled has made me want to go sailing. I don't think "Oh, I'll do it tomorrow" I know I want to do it today! Sailing was always something I though I would do later, when I was retired, but since becoming disabled, it has made me do it today! With Chesil being on local waters and not having to travel far it is very easy for me to get here. It is a great thing to get up in the morning for, and to have to look forward to. It helps keep me fit, and improve my general abilities. The volunteer are fantastic - they have turned this dream into a reality!"

That is what it is all about!