"Whatever your disability, whether you know how to sail
or not, you will end up smiling!"

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Chesil Sailability Annual General Meeting 2020. 

The last Chesil Sailability Annual General Meeting was held on 28th April 2020, due to the restrictions caused by the Covid19 Pandemic, and wishing to avoid any chance that a meeting would place any memebers at risk the trustees elected to hold the AGM via teleconference. In order to change our constitution to allow the AGM to be held by electronic means an Extraordinary General meeeting was held to make the necessary change to the constitution.

The Minutes of the EGM are here: Minutes of EGM2020

The Minutes of the 2020 Annual General Meting are here: Minutes of 2020AGM

A copy of the Chesil Sailability Annual Report can be found here:  Chesil Sailability Annual Report

Note: This copy of the Annual Report contains some minor corrections to the financial statement presented at the AGM, (the amount held in reserves was incorrect). For further details please contact info@chesilsailability.org.uk