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End of seasons celebrations!

After our first season, we had a lot to celebrate... and a lot to plan for ready for 2014, so we had a get together with everyone from the Chesil Sailability team. After Hugh de Iongh, Chair, recapped all the milestones we have reached this year and Simon Williams, Trustee, reminded us of our roots in the 2012 Paralympics and Olympics, we got down to business. Each member of Chesil Sailability has had great ideas through the season of how we could do things better next year, fundraising suggestions and reflections on how we can be a real team of sailors and volunteers. After lively discussions, we collected all of these to create a rather long team to-do list for the cold winter months ahead! Marcus closed the evening leaving us all inspired about how far we have come, and how exciting the next stage of our journey is going to be! He also presented Chesil Sailability's first trophy (building a trophy cabinet for our portacabin was put on the to do list!) to Anya de Iongh, after she competed in one of the traveller trophy events in Bristol. With such a great team of dedicated volunteers and skilled sailors, we look forward to collecting many more in the next few years!  

Chesil Sailability: 31st Oct 2013 17:56:48


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