"Whatever your disability, whether you know how to sail
or not, you will end up smiling!"

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Getting creative at Volunteer Managers Training

Being based in Dorset, Chesil Sailability is lucky enough to benefit from being part of the Dorset Volunteer Managers Network (hosted by the Dorset Volunteer Centre). As a group entirely run by volunteers, and with each on the water session requiring so many volunteers, our volunteer coordinators have quite a task on their hands. So it is great that they can get support, tips and advice from others in similar roles with other organisations. At the last meeting, to help with creative nature of the role, we had to create haiku's about our group. A Haiku is a poem that has a particular form with the pattern of syllables in each line going 5, 7, 5. Here are our attempts.... Our volunteers Are the beating heart of Everything we do.   Time is valuable But we know volunteers Are invaluable   To see your smiling face, Makes up for all the long hours - Smiling, sailing - SMILE!   Thank you everyone - To swap a wheelchair for a boat, Sailing makes me freeeeeee!   Sailing's ceased Winter; list of jobs to do, Fresh to start again.   We all love the sea At Chesil Sailability Come & join us here!   If you fancy writing one, do share it with us!

Chesil Sailability: 10th Nov 2013 19:36:59


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