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Disability Awareness Training

Despite the weather not being sail-able, this weekend proved busy for everyone involved with Chesil Sailability with the disability awareness training. Thank you to everyone who braved the weather to come to the training after the storms, especially those from Portland, who had been compete cut off from the mainland. Everyone deserved a medal for just getting there, but the award for the earliest start goes to our youngest volunteer, Tristan, who started his journey at 5.30 from London! It is great to be working with such a dedicated team of volunteers! The training covered a range of disabilities, from physical impairments, to visual and hearing impairments and learning disabilities. We also talked about what we expect from Chesil Sailability as members of the team, and came up with this great list... In the spirit of inclusivity, it was great to see some of our sailors on the training too, showing how everyone can be a part of Chesil Sailability. Special thanks go to David Ankers and Philip Hall who both presented parts of the modules on visual impairments and physical disabilities respectively, drawing on their own personal experience of sailing with Chesil Sailability. One of the key themes of the disability awareness training was that people are the experts in their own conditions, and they are the people to ask, and David and Philip certainly gave us all some great insights into how we can give our sailors the best experience possible. Thank you to Marcus and Anya for running the training, and to everyone who gave their time to attend the training. Congratulations to everyone on completing their RYA Sailability Disability Awareness Training!

Chesil Sailability: 16th Feb 2014 14:15:35


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