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Squib Sailing

This week saw the maiden sail of Quantum, Jill and Simon Vine's Squib which had been adapted to enable some of our sailors to sail and race in a Squib! Dick Foyle was the first test pilot for Quantum on Tuesday night and had this to say: "First of all thanks again to Simon and Jill for the opportunity to test drive Quantum. I think Simon has summed up all the main points but for me it was a fantastic to be back in a boat that I used to crew in many years ago. It was a pity the wind was so light and it would have been nice to be out in Weymouth Bay in an easterly surfing down the waves. However, what wind we did have showed the potential of Simon's modifications and I think the use of Quantum will be a great asset to Chesil Sailability both for newcomers and established sailors. I was grateful to have Simon and Jill onboard, partly because my skills are still a bit basic but as Simon says the position of the seat is not ideal and visibility is a bit limited but I could still manage to see the burgee which was a great help. Jill took a number of photos which probably show my enjoyment better than I can express it!" Despite the obvious advantages of a Squib over a Hansa 303, Dick also expressed his pleasure in overtaking Tim and Anya that night who were sailing a 303! Who says Chesil Sailablity doesn't have a competitive edge?! Simon Vines said: "This was the first trial of the conversion. Dick Foyle, who used to sail a Squib, was in the driving seat and things worked ok although the conditions weren't exactly demanding. Dick, who has trouble with his legs, managed to get into the chair by sitting on the pontoon, swinging his legs into the boat, sliding himself across onto the deck and then I gave him a hand to lower himself into the chair. Getting out was basically the reverse. On the next visit I'd like to try to hoist someone in and out. The seat (a plastic garden seat from the dump) was adapted for the Squib, after a fair amount of measurements, head scratching and work, by Mike Cowley of REMAP (http://www.remap.org.uk/) which also paid for the bits and pieces. It might have been better for Dick, who is fairly tall, if the seat had been a bit further back to make more room for his legs, but the arms of the chair prevent this at the moment. The steering worked well and Dick had no trouble except when Jill or I sat on the tiller lines which run along the deck. The mainsheet, which was led forward along the boom and then down to a jammer by Dick's feet, also seemed to work well." Many thanks to REMAP and Euan McNair (who kindly towed the boat over from Weymouth and back again!), and especially Jill and Simon Vines for the use of their boat in this way! It is great to see the potential of standard racing boats with good local fleets being adapted to make them accessible for our sailors. This sort of support and inclusion within the local sailing communities means a lot to Chesil Sailability. Form an orderly queue for the next sail in the Squib here.... : )

Chesil Sailability: 1st Jun 2014 13:33:54


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