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On Sunday, the Race Team at Chesil Sailabilty joined over 30,000 other boats to compete in the world's largest sailing race - Barts Bash! With our neighbours at WPNSA being the Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation, WPNSA was a real centre for the race, with about 150 other boats on the start line with us! 

The whole site was buzzing, awash with Olympic stars - so it was great for us to really be part of the local sailing community! The five saliors of our Race Team each took one of our volunteers out in very wavey and windy conditions to race in this historic race! Sitting in our small Hansa boats at the eye level of the bow sprits of all the other much larger and faster boats was quite overwhelming, but very exciting! 

The results were challenged by the time it took us to get all the way over the other side of the harbour to the start line, but we all just loved being part of the event! It was great to showcase our boats among the local sailing community too - quite a few people came up to us on the dinghy park at WPNSA fascinated by these boats they had never seen before! 

: 23rd Sep 2014 15:09:00


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