"Whatever your disability, whether you know how to sail
or not, you will end up smiling!"

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Sailing with us

We suport people with any kind of disabilty to come sailing - you don't have to know how to sail already! Our current sailors range from people with visual impairements, long term health conditions to high spinal cord injuries and profound physical and learning disabilities. Our sailors come sailing to experience the joy and freedom of being afloat, and some choose to learn how to sail or to race, but it is all about what you want to get out of it! 

You can find out more about our boats here

If you are interested in starting sailing with us, we usually ask you to come down to see us for a session, to see the boats and meet our team so we can help you choose which boat is best. You can also meet some of our other sailors who can tell you what it is really like! Sometimes we can get you out in a boat on your first visit, if you want.

What do you need to come sailing with Chesil Sailability? Warm layers, a windproof jacket if you have one, suncream, water, and a hat (to keep you warm!). We have bouyancy aids and slings for all our sailors, but if you have your own sling, you are welcome to bring that. We also have some waterproof jackets if you do not have your own. You won't need to go out and buy any special kit to sail with Chesil Sailability. 

How much does it cost? Each sailing session costs £5. After two sessions, we ask you to join Chesil Sailability (the yearly membership costs £20for 2018). Each further sail then costs £5.

For more information about sailing with Chesil Sailability, please click here for our Sailor Information Pack. To join please go to our membership page!