"Whatever your disability, whether you know how to sail
or not, you will end up smiling!"

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Chesil Sailability Racing

Are you interested in racing but would like to know a bit more? Then read on! 

Racing is just challenging your sailing skills against others and using that challenge to improve your own skills. It is fun and a great way of getting in more sailing through the summer!

Racing in Chesil Sailability’s Hansa 303 dinghies ranges from home sailing:

  • Informal challenges between dinghies during our regular Tuesday afternoon sessions
  • Joining in the annual Bart’s Bash race organised by the Andrew Simpson Water Centre
  • Taking part in the RYA Sailability Multiclass and Hansa Class UK annual events when they come to Portland

to taking part in the UK Hansa Class events – friendly but still competitive:

  • One day racing TT (Traveller Trophy) events staged at sailing clubs around the country on Wednesdays and Saturdays
  • Three-day National Championship at one of the larger lakes/reservoirs/harbours

Going away to races requires a bit of organisation and extra support setting up boats (whether we tow our own or hire one of 6 Class Association boats available at each event); the TT events normally have a couple of hours sailing in the morning, a break for lunch and a second couple of hours in the afternoon. The schedule of races is available at the Hansa UK website https://events.hansaclass.org.uk/Pages/pg126EventDisplayList.aspx

Everyone is welcome to give racing a try. Sailors can join in as many ways of racing as they like – talk to your skippers on Tuesdays or ask reception to pass your contact details to our race team leader Philip Hall who will contact you to have a chat. We go to events as a team, everyone mucks in to help, so we can talk about what you might need to make going to events possible and what you could bring to the team.

‘Chesil Race Team’ from events at Rutland reservoir and Oxford reservoir in recent years.